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Auto Installed WordPress Hosting

EasyHost provides, fast, highly secure, and incredibly reliable hosting for WordPress sites at an affordable price.
Give your WordPress site the home it deserves on one of our super-fast WordPress optimized servers! With more than 50 free templates, free backups and malware protection you can make the most of your online presence. We’ll manage WordPress and everything behind it, allowing you to focus on your core business, instead of worrying about servers or configurations.

wordpress Hosting Specifications

Pre-installed WordPress

Automatic Core & Plug-in Updates

Redundant Firewalls and Malware Scanning

Technical support staff with 24/7 Heroic Support

We guarantee 99.95% uptime

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer

Lightning Fast Page Load Speed

Free migration from your existing host (if you have one)

Unlimited Disk space and free data backups


NamePrice per 1000Minimum AmountMaximum AmountDetail
Youtube Views {Ultra High Retention} {Non-monetizable}$2.20110012 hours - 200 to 400 per day | (60%-70%+ Watch Time for upto 15m)
Youtube Views (Random Retention) {Desktop Watch Page} [Monetizable]$2.9011.000.00012-24 hours start - 1k-2K Views Per Day
Youtube Views (Live Views) {Monetizable)$2.905100Avg Concurrent 500-1500* will stay for 1-2 hours (*depends on the order amount and video content)
Youtube Views (Desktop Embed - Twitter Referral}$1.7012512-24 hours start - 100-300 Views Per Day - 3 minutes retention! - 30 days Refill - Accept long videos
Youtube Views (5-20k/day) {5 days Auto Refill}$1.151100.000.0000-6 hours delivery time! | May drop 100% 4-5 times then gets auto filled (still its your own risk if its not auto refilled) Please dont place order if you want perfect service. 🙂
Youtube Subscribers {Max 1k} { 100-300/day)$20.40501start : 24 hours | Life time guarantee!
Youtube Likes (Super Fast) - 100k/day$2.60201000-60 minutes | 10k to 50k per day | 30d Refill
Youtube Dislikes {Max : 10k}$2.4050100-2 hours | 10k/day
Twitter Retweets (HQ) {Unlimited} [NR]$3.502010(0-3h) 500-1k/day |No Refill/Refund in any case {until 7 days} | No REFILL if drop 100%
Twitter Poll Votes$5.40201000-20 minutes - 50k-100k/day
Twitter Followers (Mixed) {Max : 50k} (NR)$2.40100500-6 hour | 300-500/day | No refill!
Twitter Followers (Mixed) (S2)$1.70201.000.000Instant
Twitter Followers (Eggs) {Unlimited} [NR]$1.402010.000.000If you are gonna order any bot account , or fresh account please don't order. server will not start it also wont refund it!
Twitter Favorites (HQ) {Unlimited} [NR]$3.5020100(0-3h) 500-1k/day |No Refill/Refund in any case {until 7 days} | No REFILL if drop 100%
Soundcloud Reposts (Max : 100k)$12.4020100.000.000Instant
SoundCloud Plays S3 (Super Fast)$0.70200150Super Fast
SoundCloud Plays S2 (Fast)$0.6510010.000.000The order may take upto 1 hour and maximum 6 hours to start | Normal speed 50k+ a day
Soundcloud Plays (INSTANT)$0.481002.147.483.6470-10 minutes | 3-10k in 24 hours | Works good on small orders | Order accordingly please.
Soundcloud Followers (0-3h) [Max :50k]$2.40255010k/day 30d Refill enabled
Soundcloud Downloads$0.4810010.000.00024h delivery
Soundcloud Comments (Random) {0-12h}$15.405524h delivery | No Refill
Soundcloud - Likes (0-3h) [Max : 50k]$2.40205010k/day | 30d Refill enabled
Musically Followers HQ (Username)$25.4020200-10 minutes 5-10k/day
Musically Followers Mixed (Username Only)$18.4020200-10 minutes 5-10k/day
Instagram Views {Organic Growth}$0.501001000-30 mins
Instagram Views + Impression$0.481001.000.000Instant
Instagram Views (Fast) - {200-250k/day}$0.701001.000.0000-10 minutes -
Instagram Views (50k in 10 minutes)$0.6010050Instant
Instagram Saves {Max : 15k}$0.855015Instant - 5-10k/day
Instagram Post Impressions$1.9010100Instant
Instagram Organic Views + Impressions$0.501001.500.000Instant
Instagram Mentions {Followers}|{Custom}$2.401106-12 hours | Each comment will have 6-8 mentions! Please enter media link and usernames of the people you want us to mention.
Instagram Mentions {Followers}$2.4011006-12 hours | Each comment will have 6-8 mentions! Please enter media link and username of the person you want us to mention his followers.
Instagram Likes + Impressions$0.9010030Instant
Instagram Likes (WorldWide) (60k)$0.652060Instant | 60k a day | WorldWide Likes | Best for quality
Instagram Likes (USA) {Max : 20k}$0.8020200-20 minutes - 10k/day | cancel enabled
Instagram Likes (Japan) {Max : 3k}$0.70203Instant cancel enabled
Instagram Likes (Iran)$0.652020Instant
Instagram Likes (India)$15.405010 to 20 minutes start we restart servers from 3 to 8 AM (UK time) | Order can not be cancelled once placed!
Instagram Likes (Fast) [30k]$0.502030The order may take up-to 2 minutes to start. No over delivery Order once placed, can't be cancelled
Instagram Likes (Fast) (15k)$0.4520150-10 minutes| Super Fast
Instagram Likes (Extreme) | [Max : 50k]$0.632050Instant | 10k in 3 hours | Best for Speed - Order can't be cancelled once placed
Instagram Likes (Custom Speed)$0.652050You can send likes with custom speed. Enter time in minutes. Please don't abuse this feature. *This will not work with api
Instagram Likes (China) {Max :10k}$0.702010Instant cancel enabled
Instagram Likes (Brazil) {Max : 40k}$1.402040Instant | Always working
Instagram Likes (Arab Mixed) {20k}$0.802520Instant
Instagram Likes {Max : 5k}$0.44205Instant
Instagram Followers {LQ} (Max :5k)$0.901005Speed or start time Not definded! dont ask for cancellation even if its stuck for days!
Instagram Followers S3$0.9010015No Refill/Refund in any case
Instagram Followers S12$1.051005Instant
Instagram Followers (USA) {Max : 3k}$3.903030-1h start | 500-1k/day - 30 days refill
Instagram Followers (R20) ( 4.5k) | S2$1.901004.50-24 hours start | 20 days refill - Refill enabled
Instagram Followers (Indian)$8.4010200start time - 0-10 minutes
Instagram Followers (Brazil) [Max : 40k]$4.901540Instant - 10-20k/day - 20 days Refil/cancel enabled
Instagram Followers (5k) S8$1.4010050-2h to start
Instagram Followers S4 {Max 5k}$1.401005Instant | 5-10% is normal drop , No Refill/Refund in any case.
Instagram Followers (Real) {AR20 - 100k} | S1$4.9010100Instant | 20 days auto refill | Refill/Cancel Button Enabled
Instagram Custom Comments (S2)$5.405800Instant {dont use @}
Instagram Custom Comments (Brazilian)$60.40550Instant
Instagram Comments {Random Emojies}$10.401010Instant
Instagram Comments {Custom (emojies works) [10k] (100*100)}$60.401100Instant | High Quality Users | | @ does not work and will not be refunded if placed
Instagram Comments (Random) S2$5.405800Instant - No Refill/Refund in case of drop!
Instagram Comments (Random)$10.405105 minutes
Instagram Likes (Brazil) {Max 50k}$0.652050Instant
Instagram Followers S7 {Max : 5k}$1.401005Instant | 0-10% is normal drop , No Refill/Refund in any case.
Facebook Post Reaction (Wow) (10k)$1.0015400Instant | 40k/day
Facebook Post Reaction (Sad) (10k)$1.0015400Instant | 30k/day
Facebook Post Reaction (Love) [10k]$1.0015400Instant | 30k/day
Facebook Post Reaction (Haha) (10k)$1.0015400Instant | 15k/day
Facebook Post Likes (Brazil Fast) {Max 5k}$0.8510050-20 minutes
Facebook Post Likes (Brazil)$0.9025400Instant
Facebook Page Likes {150k} (15-20k/day)$1.90501500-6 hours start | Refill 30 days
Facebook Page Likes (USA) {Max 100k}$225.401001000-24 hours start| 20 to 100 per day speed! |Life time guarantee
Facebook Page Likes (United Kingdom)$275.402001.000.0000-24 hours start| 20 to 100 per day speed! |Life time guarantee
Facebook Page Likes (Thailand) {Max : 5k}$10.40255Instant | Refill/Cancel Enabled | 5,000 in 10-12 hours | refill for 30d
Facebook Page Likes (Max - 350k)$2.4025350Instant - 20k/day | 30d Refill/Cancel Enabled
Facebook Page Likes (Lebanon)$150.401001000-24 hours start| 200 to 300 per day speed! |Life time guarantee
Facebook Page Likes (India) [100k]$2.9025100Instant | Refill/Cancel Enabled | 15,000 per day | refill for 30d
Facebook Page Likes (Germany)$350.402001000-24 hours start| 20 to 100 per day speed! |Life time guarantee
Facebook Page Likes (France)$180.402001000-24 hours start| 200 to 300 per day speed! |Life time guarantee
Facebook Page Likes (Ads Method)$15.40100200Instant within 5 to 30 Minutes 1-2k/day
Facebook Event Join/Confirmed (Instant) s2$5.40252Instant
Facebook Event Join/Confirmed (Instant)$13.40255Instant
Facebook Event Interested (Instant) S2$5.40252Instant
Facebook Event Interested (Instant)$13.40255Instant
Facebook Custom Comments (Real & Instant)$45.40150Instant
Facebook Auto Post Likes (Unlimited posts) - 7 Days$15.40255Instant
Facebook Auto Post Likes (Unlimited posts) - 30 Days$40.40255Instant